Types of Funds

Community Impact Funds

Community Impact Funds allow a donor to have the greatest possible impact by giving the Foundation flexibility in responding to ever-changing community needs.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds allow donors to participate in the selection of grant recipients by advising the Foundation during the selection process. This is a popular type of fund because it allows a donor and their family to actively participate in community philanthropy. Like a private foundation, without all the work.

Designated Funds

Provides long-term, annual support to one or more charitable organizations chosen by the donor at the time the fund was created. All available grant funds are then awarded to those selected organizations.

Field of Interest Funds

Allows a donor to select a particular area of emphasis, such as education, seniors, health, recreation, etc., and then available grant dollars from that fund will be dedicated to addressing the most pressing issues within that field of interest

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds are to be used to further education of graduates of a particular high school, students in a specified field of study, or those enrolled at a chosen institution.

All HCCF Funds

-  Administrative Endowment Fund - HCCF               -  Amy Reinke Deer Safe Driving Fund
-  Annabelle Jenks Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
-  Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund
-  Bad Axe Rotary Norah Dowde  Scholarship
-  Betty Zulauf  Academic Scholarship for Ubly Schools           - Bob Main Memorial Scholarship Fund                    -  C.A. Scheurer & B.G. Kamlapurker Scholarship
-  Caseville Kiwanis Scholarship for Caseville Schools
-  Charles and Judith Weeks Donor Advised Fund
-  Charles and Roseline Gliniecki Scholarship Fund
- Charlotte Talaski Family Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
-  Clarence & Loraine Braun Scholarship
-  Claude Marsh Scholarship for Bad Axe Schools   - Collon & Todd Scholarship Fund
-   Cooley Family Scholarship for Owengage Schools
-  Dennis M. Hagen Memorial Donar Advised Fund
-  Deer Acres Memorial Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
-Dr. Donald W. & Sally A. Rogers Family Scholarship Fund -  Dr. Edward & Alice Steinhardt Sacred Heart Church Designated Fund
-  Dr. Edward Steinhardt Family Science Scholarship for Bad Axe Schools                               -Deerfield Wind Energy Preservation Fund - Dwight Gascho Leadership Designated Fund
 -  Education, Reading & Literacy Field of Interest Fund
 -  Elkton Pigeon Bay Port LAKER School Arts/Academic Designated Fund
-  Ervin R. Ignash Scholarship for Bad Axe School
 -  Esther E. Lincoln Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
- ETL Agricultural Legacy Scholarship Fund for Laker Schools
-  Francis & Opal Hund Scholarship for Ubly Schools                                - Gene & Mary Holdwick Family Memorial Fund

-  Gib Rooney Family Scholarship Fund                     - Harbor Beach Comm. Hospital & HB Hospital Foundation  Medical Practitioner Scholarship
-  Harbor Beach Hospital Foundation Designated Fund
 -  Harbor Beach Lighthouse Preservation Society Designated Fund
 -  Harbor Beach Pirates School Designated Fund
 -  Harbor Beach Rotary Clement Kubik Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
-Harold & Carolyn Robison Foundation Fund - Hatchet Designated Fund for Bad Axe Schools
-  Health & Medical Field of Interest Fund                 - HCCF Community Impact Fund
-  Huron County Economic Development Field of Interest Fund
- Huron County Dolly Parton Imagination Library Designated & Endowed Fund
 -  Huron County Homeless Solutions Designated Fund              -  Huron County Nature Center Designated Fund
-  Huron County Parks Designated Fund
- Huron County Reverse Scholarship Fund
-  Huron County Safe Place Designated Fund   -  Huron E.M.S. Tuition Fund
-  Huron Medical Center Endownment Fund  -  Jason Kiehl Memorial Scholarship for HATC students
- Jennie Oakes Health Professions Scholarship Fund                              -Joan Hanson Memorial Fund - John. D. Pridnia Community Service Donor Advised Fund
-  Judge Neil R. MacCallum Memorial Scholarship  Fund for CMU and Bad Axe Students
- Judge Neil R. MacCallum Disadvantaged Youth Field of Interest Fund                                     - Judge Neil R. MacCallum Memorial Scholarship Fund for MSU College of Law
-Judy K. & Stephen Zagroski Memorial Scholarship Fund - K. William And Joanne Pietscher Future Educators Scholarship Fund                                       - Keith and Bertha McTaggart Scholarship Fund   -  Kenneth W. Laughlin Scholarship Fund for Harbor Beach graduates in accounting field

-  Laker Legacy Fund                      
- Lewie & Jannette Knoblock Donor Advised Fund
-  Linda Rowland Drama Scholarship for Bad Axe Schools
-  Madeline M. Bauer Ubly Schools Scholarship
-  Madeline M. Bauer Huron Area Technical Center Designated Fund -  Marla Muter Scholarship for Harbor Beach or North Huron Schools                                        - Mary K & Robert Quinn Memorial Scholarship for Caseville Schools
 -  Maurer/Yageman Bowling Scholarship for area schools
-  Michael B. & Regina V. Lasceski Scholarship Fund
 -  Natural Area Preservation Field of Interest Fund
 -  Northstar Donor Advised Fund
-  Paul F. Streussnig Sr.-Murphy's Bakery Fund Bad Axe
- Pigeon Community Fund
- Pointe Aux Barques Donor Advised Fund -  Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse Designated Fund
 -  Recreation Resources Field of Interest Fund
-  Robert & Verneta Thuemmel Scholarship Fund for North Huron Schools
 -  Robert Thuemmel & Matthew Keillor Unrestricted Fund
-  Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Designated Fund 
-  Sgt. Aaron C. Elandt Memorial Scholasrhip for Harbor Beach Schools
- Sara Elizabeth Wood Scholarship for medical students
-  Steven  Kuzak Memorial Golf Scholarship              -The Price Family Fund                    - Thumb Industries Designated Fund
- Tom Gettel Memorial Donor Advised Fund             - Tom Gettel Memorial Scholarship Fund
-  Ubly Bearcats Designated Fund
-Virgil & Verneta Bouch Family Scholarship Fund - Warren S. Eilber Family Memorial Scholarship for Harbor Beach or North Huron Schools
-  William R. Eick School Family Scholarship for Harbor Beach Schools
 -  Youth - Youth Advisory Committee