Current Scholarship Information

High School and Post grad scholarships are now available.  The deadline to apply is April 1, 2017.  Apply for over 40 scholarships with one application.  Last year we gave away over $77,000 in scholarships to students/post grads in Huron County.  Start your application Here

2016 Scholarship Awards

The Huron County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that this year over $77,200 in scholarship money was awarded to local students furthering their education after high school graduation. In alignment with the Foundation’s mission of investing resources in the growth and prosperity of our county, helping Huron County youth receive training after high school provides them with the resources needed to make a difference in the future. The generosity of scholarship donors shows their commitment to the young people of our county. We appreciate the trust and confidence placed in the Foundation to act as a vehicle for those wishing to continue their educational pursuits.

 Three new scholarship funds gave their first awards in 2016: ETL Agricultural Legacy Scholarship, Bill & Sandy Hogan Memorial Scholarship, and K. William & Joanne Pietscher Future Educators Fund.

 The Judge Neil R. MacCallum Memorial Scholarship to Central Michigan University (CMU) in the amount of $1,350 was awarded to Cody Klee, Ubly, currently attending CMU and the scholarship for Bad Axe School went to Erin McCullum for $1,350.

 The Jason Kiehl Memorial Scholarship for Huron Area Technical Center students was granted in the amount of $1,150 each to Daniel Good and Andrew Muntz, both of Owen-Gage Community School; Thomas Roggenbuck of Harbor Beach Community School; and Anthony Wisneski of North Huron High School.

 David Errer of Bad Axe Public School and Alex Roggenbuck of Harbor Beach Community School each received an award of $500 from the Maurer/Yageman Bowling Scholarship Fund.

 Lindsey Glaza of Ubly Community School and Ashlind House of Harbor Beach Community School each received an award of $500 each from the Clarence and Loraine Braun Scholarship.

 Thomas Jimkoski from Laker High School and Jeffrey Wright from Ubly Community School each received $1,900 from the Gib Rooney Family Scholarship.

 The Steven Kuzak Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Trevor Dropiewski from Ubly Community Schools for $1,500.

 The Huron Area Tech Center Scholarship was awarded to Nichole Glaza from Harbor Beach Community School and Adam Pechette from North Huron High School each receiving $500.

 Nathan Guza, Harbor Beach, currently attending Northwood University, received $1,200 and Andrew Talaski, Harbor Beach, currently attending Saginaw Valley State University, received $2,000 for the Kenneth W. Laughlin Scholarship.

 Jami Rice from North Huron High School was awarded $350 for the Paul F. Streussning Sr. Murphy’s Bakery Scholarship.

 The Madeline M. Bauer Tech Center Scholarship went to Karagen Harwood of Harbor Beach for $1,000.

 The Charles & Roseline Gliniecki Scholarship had two awards – Rachel Oglenski from Harbor Beach for $1,400 and Annette Renn from Pigeon for $1,200.

 Receiving the C.A. Scheurer & BG Kamlapurker Medical Scholarship were Henry Kozdron and Jamie Roggenbuck both of Harbor Beach for $1,000 each.

Other scholarship recipients by school district are:

BAD AXE:  Tommy Morneau, the Claude Marsh Scholarship for $2,000; Tara Holz,  Collon/Todd Scholarship for $1,100; Samantha Rogers for $8,880 and David Errer for $5,920 the Dr. Edward Steinhardt Family Science Scholarship; Tara Holz, the Ervin Ignash Scholarship for $300; LaKeisha Ridner, the K. William & Joanne Pietscher Future Educators Scholarship for $2,000;  LaKeisha Ridner, was the scholarship recipient for the Linda Rowland Drama Scholarship for $2,500; and Rachel Sawdon, Norah Dowde Bad Axe Rotary Scholarship for $1,500.

 CASEVILLE: Mason Kozfkay received the Caseville Kiwanis Scholarship for $500 and Cameron Speare received the Mary K. and Robert Quinn Memorial Scholarship for $1,175.

 HARBOR BEACH: Victoria Gentner, the Deer Acres Scholarship for $1,700; Nicole Booms and Jacilyn Geiger, the Esther E. Lincoln Scholarship for $1,000 each; Madison Kowaleski and Thomas Roggenbuck were awarded the Harbor Beach Rotary Clement M. Kubik Scholarship for $450 each; Nicole Booms and Zayne Klaski, the Marla Muter Scholarship for $950 each; Victoria Gentner, the Sgt. Aaron C. Elandt Memorial Scholarship for $1,000; Molly Booms, the Warren S. Eilber Family Scholarship for $325; and Elizabeth Booms and Nicole Booms, the William Eick School Family Scholarship for $1,000 each.

 LAKERS: Thomas Jimkoski, the ETL Agricultural Scholarship for $500.

 NORTH HURON: Jami Rice, the Bill & Sandy Hogan Memorial Scholarship for $500; Katelyn Fortin and Devin Koroleski were awarded the Robert and Verneta Thuemmel Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 each; and Devin Koroleski also received the Warren S. Eilber Family Scholarship for $325.

 OWEN-GAGE:  Daniel Good and Tyler Roemer were awarded the Cooley Family Scholarship in the amount of $1,200 each.

 UBLY: Courtney Klee and Daniel Rutkowski, the Betty Zulauf Academic Scholarship for $1,000 each; Trevor Dropiewski, the Francis and Opal Hund Scholarship for $1,000; Nathan Gilbert and Daniel Rutkowski, the Gemini Plastics Scholarship for $1,000 each; and Macanna Briolat, Jennifer Gentner, Daniel Rutkowski, and Ashley Sweeney received the Madeline M. Bauer Scholarship for $1,125 each.