HCCF Community Impact Fund

The HCCF Community Impact Fund provides support for the needs of today, with the flexibility to address the opportunities and challenges of the future. This fund is the best way to ensure we can meet the changing needs of our county.

Previously named the Huron County Trust Fund, the Community Impact Fund is an unrestricted fund at HCCF, meaning it is designed to quickly respond to new opportunities and proactively work to address upcoming challenges. HCCF was established on the idea of permanent endowments creating a legacy for the future. The Community Impact Fund plays a critical role in ensuring that HCCF has the funding necessary to support our community, for good, forever.

Most funds at HCCF are designated to support different causes, whether that be an organization serving our community, a well-established area of interest or need, or the education of a local scholar. While these funds provide valuable resources to our community, we cannot predict the next area of need or the next organization to need the support of an endowment, which is why the Community Impact Fund is important to the future of our county.

Would you like to help ensure that charitable dollars will always be available to meet the changing needs of our community? Consider a 2019 contribution to the HCCF Community Impact Fund or consider remembering the Community Impact Fund in your estate planning.