Apple Blossom Wind Supports Vibrant Communities

Sempra Renewables recently made a $15,000 gift to the Pigeon Community Fund of the Huron County Community Foundation (HCCF). Sempra Renewables, operator of Apple Blossom Wind LLC, through its partnership with HCCF has given back to the Pigeon community annually. Sempra Renewables is in the process of being acquired by AEP, a company based out of Ohio. While the name will change, the interest in the community will remain strong. “We’re excited to make a positive impact on the community and we appreciate all of the local support we’ve had”, said Andrew Johnson, Wind Facility Manager for Apple Blossom Wind.

The gift was given to the HCCF Pigeon Community Fund, a fund dedicated to supporting projects in and around the Village of Pigeon.  The Fund is advised by a committee of individuals who live or work in Pigeon, including Dwight Gascho, Susan Meyerseick, Chris Wurst, Don Faupel, Jeff Leipprandt, and HCCF Board of Trustee Member Michael LePage.

The $15,000 gift supported two community projects, as well as the Pigeon Community Fund endowment. $10,000 was awarded to the Pigeon Events Center, formerly the VFW Hall, for continued improvements to the grounds, including landscaping. In the past two years, the Pigeon Community Fund and Sempra Renewables have provided $15,000 of support to this project for the Village of Pigeon. The facility is currently used for weekly exercise classes, civic club meetings, fundraisers for community causes, and private events

An additional $3,500 contribution was awarded to completion of the Scheurer Path to Fitness, located in the Village Park. The final $1,500 was invested for the future of Pigeon and was added to the Pigeon Community Fund Endowment at HCCF, to be a source of grants for community projects for generations to come.

HCCF Executive Director, Mackenzie Price Sundblad, noted the great partnership that HCCF has established with Apple Blossom Wind. “It’s great to have partners that support the community and see the bigger vision. These two projects both enhance public spaces, which is right in line with HCCF’s Strategic Priority of creating dynamic and vibrant communities.”