Past Trustees & Committee Members

We appreciate the time, talent and energy given by trustees who have served and left the board. The board and staff thank them for their leadership and dedication. Without people like them who care about the community and are willing to serve, we could not build a foundation that gives back to the communities for good, for ever.

Past Executive Directors

S. Tenney McGraw

Tenney served as our first Executive Director from 1995 to 2000 after retiring from the banking business, he then served again for us from 2003 to 2006.

Judy Valentine

Judy served as the Executive Director from 2001 to 2002.

Debbie Oglenski

Debbie started as our Executive Director in March 2006 to April 2009, she is now enjoying retirement in Harbor Beach with her husband Steve.

Honorable Karl Krause

Honorable Karl Krause retired from the District Court Judgeship and joined as Executive Director from May 2009 to 2013, he is enjoying retirement, with his wife Jan.

Randy Maiers

Randy served as our interim director from January to May 2014, he is President and CEO of the Community Foundation for St. Clair, we thank him for his time during our transition period.


With gratitude and thanks to our former Trustees and Committee Members:

Jan Stoeckle (Pigeon 2006-2010)

Chris Bachman (Bad Axe 2000-2010)

Lowell McDonald (Bad Axe 1994-2015)

Sue Meyersieck  (Pigeon 9/2006-2009)

Steve Harmon (Caseville 1994-2009)

Mary Babcock (Port Austin 1998-2008)

David C. Batzer (Bad Axe 2003-2006)

Molly Dando (Caseville 2005-2007)

 Tom Dibble (Bad Axe) 

 Tom Craig (Pigeon) 

 William Mayes (Port Austin 1998-2005)

 Joyce Kiehl (Bad Axe 2004-2006)

 Carl Osentoski (Ubly 1997-2006)

John Moore (Kinde 2001-2015)

Al Nietzke (Sebewaing 2006-2015)

Jeanette Hagen (Ubly 2007-2011)

Marvin Kociba (Harbor Beach 2000-1/2014)

Megan Schlund (Elkton 2016)

Dallas Braun (Harbor Beach)

Jean Ferriby (Harbor Beach 2012-2018)

Clark Brock (Kinde 2009 -2018)

Michael Sage (Caseville 2014 - 2018)

 Martha Thuemmel (Port Austin 1997-2006)

 Dwight Gascho (Pigeon) 

 Keri Gettel (Pigeon) 

 David Watts (Caseville) 

 Jeanette Beadle (Caseville) 

 Scott Redwantz (Caseville) 

 Tami Salens (Bad Axe) 

 Tom Collon (Bad Axe) 

 Al Wamsley (Bad Axe) 

 Chuck Scheffner (Port Hope) 

 Jim Jackson (Harbor Beach) 

 Robert Boomer (Caseville)  

 Frank Van Valin  (Caseville)

 Carl Ignash (Bad Axe)

Craig Osentoski (Ubly 2008-2014)

Dr. Nancy Macchiarella (Bad Axe 2009-2014)

Craig Osentoski (Ubly 2008-2014)

Tom Kreh (Pigeon 1998-2016)

John Booms (Bad Axe)

Mary Babcock (Port Austin)

Clint Hagen (Ubly)