What is a YAC?

The Huron County Community Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group of students from our local high schools who are responsible for reviewing funding requests and recommending grants for programs that benefit area youth. YAC members meet once a month during the school year for grantmaking and learning about community needs and philanthropy. The YAC is enriched by the unique perspective and experiences that each member brings to the Committee’s work.

The YAC program was established in 1997 through a challenge grant from the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Project (MCFYP) funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The YAC made its first grant in 1999, giving $1,000 to Bluewater Youth for Christ's LOFT Program. Since then, the YAC has granted over $93,155 and over 166 high school students have served on the YAC. The mission of the YAC is to empower young people, involve them in the community and teach them about philanthropy while serving as stewards through granting.

YAC Logo

2018-2019 Youth Advisory Committee

Jade Androl

Airyn Arntz

Arika Booms

Issac Booms

Allison Buda

Lake Chapin

Nicholas Craig

Danielle Cubitt

Tracie DeChange

Adrian Ewald

Megan Fritz

Grant Geiger

Brooke Gordon




Carson Heleski

Hunter Keim-Co Chair

David Knarian

Katey Krohn

Madison Krohn

Bailey McIlhargie

Jameson McKnight

Garrett Miller

Kathryn Ocomen

Arisa Osentoski-Co Chair

Hannah Penfold

Andrew Roemer

Elizabeth Tredeau

Mollie Zaleski


New member recruitment takes place every spring. 9th and 10th grade students are eligible to apply. Check with your YAC students at school for the recruitment process.